Personal Training

Calisthenics training is known to produce lean physiques, flashing flamboyant movements and gaining supernatural strength. To advance in Calisthenics progressively, we emphasize the use of proper muscles engagement, understanding of kinesthetic, the use of correct progressions. 

Basic Calisthenics

Basic Calisthenics training program emphasizes on the key training aspects to build a strong foundation to excel far in calisthenics training. Learn the awareness to properly engage the right muscles and focus on building raw muscular strength and joint stability. This program is suitable for all starters, weight loss or overall strength gainers. 


Calisthenics Skill

Calisthenics Skill training program emphasizes on learning the control of our body by performing some beginner & advanced calisthenics skill movements. Example of calisthenics skill movements are handstand, muscle up, back lever, front lever, L-Sit and etc. This program is suitable for those who is looking to accomplishing these dynamic and static calisthenics skills. Talk to our coach to learn how long it would take for you to achieve these skills! 


Hybrid Weights

Hybrid weights training program emphasizes on achieving physique goal in the most efficient way. Training program will incorporate weights training to target specific muscles, symmetrical training & build big muscles. With the hybrid mix of bodyweight training, this program ensures sufficient functional strength movements in line with achieving ideal physique. This program is suitable for those who wants to lose weight and increase muscle mass fast.