Personal Training

Calisthenics training is known to produce lean physiques, flashing flamboyant movements and gaining supernatural strength. To advance in Calisthenics progressively, we emphasize the use of proper muscles engagement, understanding of kinesthetic, the use of correct progressions, etc. 


Basic Calisthenics

Build a strong foundation with basic calisthenics movements. Learn the awareness to properly engage the right muscles for each movements. This program is suitable for all starters, weight loss and to gain strength. 


Calisthenics Skill

Learn basic and advanced calisthenics skill movements that master the control of our body. Example of calisthenics skill movements are handstand, muscle up, back lever, front lever, L-Sit and etc. This program is suitable for those who is looking to advance in calisthenics skills.


Hybrid Weights

Incorporate calisthenics training with weights resistance training to achieve physique goal in the most efficient way. Use of weights training to target more specific muscles. This program is suitable for those who wants to lose weight and increase muscle mass fast.


Private Class

These private classes are customized to cater to your group's fitness level and goals. Be it getting ready for an obstacle race, learn the basic of calisthenics or just want to have a great time sweating out with your buddies, O-Zone has a plan for you!

Calisthenics 101 Private Class


An Introduction to Calisthenics bodyweight training. Learn the basic bodyweight workouts that will help you achieve basic functional strength and have a much better body awareness. Leading to a strong foundation, you will then learn to engage more muscles together and achieve Calisthenics skill. This will be a great class for members who wants to start training using their own bodyweight anytime and anywhere they go! 


An Introduction to Obstacle Course Sports. Learn the basic techniques and the fundamental strength on how to tackle the obstacle course. This private class will be an educational and fun course that will gives members a physical and mental breakthrough to overcome the course. Gather your group of friends and get stronger and have some fun at the meantime!

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