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frequently asked questions

  1. What type of classes will be offered?

We have classes for Calisthenics, Obstacles Circuit, HiiT & Movement Classes on a DAILY BASIS! Refer to our monthly class schedule for more details. 


2.  Is O-zone suitable for amateurs and teens? 
O-zone is suitable for members/walk-ins with the height of 140cm and above. Please ensure to go through our safety briefing with our staffs and adhere to our gym rules and regulations at all times.


3. If I cancel a class I booked, do I get my credits back? 

You may cancel a class 6 hours prior to the class to prevent deduction of credits. Unlimited credit doesn't get affected, but we encourage you to cancel if you cannot make it.


4. Does O-Zone allow kids into the obstacle course?

Children under the height 140cm or under the age of 15 will require guardian supervision. Children under 15 years old will have 50% off walk in rates.

5. What are the payment methods Ozone accepts?

 You can choose to use cash, debit/credit card or Maybank QRpay to make payments. More E-payment options coming soon!

6. What are the operating hours for public holidays?

Public Holiday will have the same operating hours as the day itself (Eg. Monday is a public holiday, 11am - 12am opening hours) UNLESS announced otherwise on our Instagram.

7. Do O-zone members have access to KFitness gym equipments? 

No, but we do have a DUAL MEMBERSHIP/ DUAL WALK-IN PASS that will grant access to both facilities. 

8. Are showers, lockers, and towels provided? 

Showers and lockers are provided, pad locks can be rented over the counter, but towels are not provided.

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